About Us

One sunny day out on the golf course two brothers were hacking their way around from hole to hole, when a nicely skulled shot would cause one brother to say "I'm gonna make a 69 degree wedge and it will help me get it up" or something along those lines. The skulled shot, as you can imagine did induce some swearing but the comment got the brothers to laugh, because he said 69, and then question the limits of loft. Now most beer filled ideas or curiosities would quickly be forgotten but the number 69 seemed to somehow remain fixed in their minds. So after some google research it was discovered that 69 degree wedges were nearly impossible to find and seemed more like a mythical beast that had been forgotten through the passage of time. This was discouraging but the two bros didn't stop there. They instead designed their own wedge, tested it, loved it, and decided to order more to share with the world the the benefits of having extreme high loft. So what started out as just your regular weekend warrior, "I'll just have a couple bud lights to take the edge off", standard rounds of golf, turned into ground zero for Sixty Nine Degree Golf!

Hey, I'm Jamie and the above story is a quick and loosely based summary of how my brother Catlin and I got started with Sixty Nine Degree Golf. We're really just a couple of average guys with below average golf games that like to have some fun out on the course. We really appreciate you taking the time to stop by. Please don't hesitate to contact us at anytime with any questions through our website or on one of our social media pages. Thanks.